Our Story

Twenty5Eight was established in 2015 with the ideology to crest a brand that models a positive and holistic lifestyle. Twenty5Eight strives to create a shift through its clothing by creating items filled with infinite energy and non-stop hustle. Twenty5Eight also makes the effort to provide enlightenment on topics such as meditation, vibrations, energy, and embodying a fit lifestyle. Twenty5Eight encourages us to live in the present; NOW is the only time we truly have. Through focus, consistently, hard work and faith, any goal can be achieved.

Twenty5Eight was inaugurated through sheer dedication and undeniable passion as an instrument of inspiration for innovation. An astounding aptitude to excel and a never settle attitude is what birthed this fashionable phenomenon.

Our sleek, comfortable fabrics are stitched on the premise of infinite energy and hustle for the non-stop, grinders who thrive on progress and forward thinking. Twenty5Eight speaks to all generations with a variety of customized looks and fits. We guarantee comfort, durability and quality. T5E offers 24-hour customer support and satisfaction. Our goal is to uplift, encourage and enthuse while providing an empowering experience for the go-getters!

Twenty5Eight is big on quality so all of our products are handled with you in mind. Our staff is a conglomerate of creatives with immense integrity who package our products with integrity following state-of-the-art conceptualization and production processes ultimately dispensing some of the most uniquely, bold and brilliant clothing the universe has ever gifted.